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Logical solutions
Comfortable partnership


Dmitry Kuryakov
Sales Director
тел : +7 (495) 249-90-34

Rental of offices and warehouses of at least 3,500 sq.m is what LOGISTICS PARTNERS can help you with.

Rental of offices and warehouses in our complexes guarantees you the following advantages:

  • Convenient location. Each of the logistics centers we offer is well accessible from the Moscow metropolitan area, rapid-transport throughways (Kievskoye and Novorizhskoye highways). Therefore, rental of offices и warehouses in Moscow will be comfortable for you on all counts.
  • Serviceability. Each warehouse is equipped with everything necessary to ensure a quality operation. An office with warehouse has the following features:

- operational ceiling height within 12 and 16 meters.

- predefined column spacing 12 m х 24 m.

- anti-dust floor load is 9 tons.

- Hormann automatic gate and handling facilities.

- renting offices or warehouses from us implies an excellent security system: water sprinkler and dry chemical fire suppression systems automatic alarm system, building management system.

- there are comfortable administration and accommodation rooms, shower rooms and control rooms provided for employees.

- all warehouses are going day and night.

- there is a convenient parking area provided.

- renting offices or warehouses from us will deliver you from many problems. We maintain operation of all the utilities, maintain an order at the site, and provide additional room cleaning services.

  • Access control. The entire area of the complex is under day and night surveillance by the monitoring service employees and the site can only be accessed using a pass (both for vehicles and for employees).

Rental of offices and warehouses in Moscow from LOGISTICS PARTNERS includes facilities of various configurations and areas in the territory of logistics centers in Nakhabino and Vnukovo. Tenants can enjoy comfortable and roomy open space offices, WC facilities on the building floors and rest rooms for the sake of employees’ convenience, dining area (Nakhabino I center), and parking area.

If you are looking for offices or warehouses (rental from the owner), LOGISTICS PARTNERS is what you need.

For any questions call: +7 (495) 249-90-34 or write to Info@en.logisticspartners.ru.

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