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Logical solutions
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Vnukovo II

Land plot with cadastral number 50:26:0171003:50, 73.7 ha area, located in Novomoskovsky Administrative District, 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road via Kievskoe Highway or Borovskoe Highway.

Vnukovo II logistics complex is:

  • a new Class A warehouse complex in the active phase of design and construction;
  • with area of 250,000 sq.m. It is located in the walking distance from Vnukovo I complex with facilities ranging from 12,000 sq.m. to 45,000 sq.m.;
  • technical characteristics of the new complex include modern solutions, which have already been implemented in the previous company’s projects and highly sought by tenants and owners of the warehouse premises; the operational ceiling height is 12-14 meters, column spacing is 12x24m. floor load is 9 tons, automatic built-up gates and Hormann dock-levellers, ramps for light duty vehicles, cross-docking arrangement;
  • technical equipment of the complex is completed by an installed system of steam fire protection, automatic fire alarm, and video surveillance system;
  • high quality finishing of offices. All offices are equipped with systems of inflow-exhaust ventilation and air-conditioning, finishing materials of escape routes from office premises are non-combustible, all doors in premises are made in Germany by Hormann;
  • the entrance group with a spacious asphalted parking lot will allow conducting the routine loading and unloading operations with convenient waiting for inbound transport.

The land area from the north side borders on the village of Davydkovo; in the south, it borders on the Aprelevskoe forestry area; in the west, it partially borders on the forestry area, partially — on the territory of the warehouse complex of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Post (Vnukovo I).

An extended parking area located at the entrance to the plot is provided.

The construction area is located in II B climate zone. According to meteorological observations, it is a temperate continental climate characterized by a moderately cold winters with a stable snow cover, warm summers, and well-defined mid-seasons.

Land area

76.30 ha

Construction area

27,60 ha

Road surface area

23,90 ha
Pavement area, etc. 5,70 ha
Green area 19,10 ha

Fire resistance grade


Structural fire hazard class


Functional fire hazard class

Number of storeys 1-2
Totalarea of 25 facilities 312 262,5 sq.m.
Total area of the 1st Warehouse Facility,,

of which the Facility’s floor area is:

12 490,5 sq.m.

9 773,5 sq.m.

Mezzanine of the 1st Warehouse Facility

Ramp of the 1st Facility

1 226,8 sq.m.

75,2 м.кв.

Administrative and amenity facilities (offices, amenities and stair flights)

1 415,00 sq.m.
Construction area 276 273,00 sq.m.

Structural volume

4 360 410,6 cubic meters

Total height

16,4 m.

Height to the bottom of structures

12,0 m.

Warehouse depth

108 m.









Columnar reinforced concrete

Building frame



Monolithic reinforced concrete with subsequent external insulation and coating made of profiled sheet. The inner side is provided with protective devices against the warehouse equipment.

External walls

Sandwich panels filled with 100 mm thick mineral wool

Warehouse floor

Fiber concrete, extra flat with reinforced anti-dust coating. Freight load 9 t/sq.m.

Mezzanine floor

Reinforced concrete, extra flat with reinforced anti-dust coating. Freight load 3 t/sq.m. Operating height under mezzanine is 3.8 m., operating height above mezzanine is 6.4 m.


Profiled sheet.

Roofing material PVC membrane
Roof insulation

50 mm mineral wool and 100 mm extruded polystyrene foam



Heat supply

Individual autonomous boiler for two modules, which is located at a distance of less than 90 meters. It is provided to the individual heating unit.

Cold water supply

Well water, finished. 20.69 cub. m3/day is provided to the water metering unit to water metering devices of the Managing company.
Fire piping

75 l/sec is provided to the sprinkler extinguisher system to water metering devices. 45 l/sec is provided to the circular external fire piping system to water metering devices. 17 l/sec is provided to internal fire cocks and to water metering devices. It is provided from the firewater tank of the Managing company.

Electric supply

Electric supply is provided by the municipal electrical supply networks to the metering devices.

Water disposal

Storm and household sewage system, connected to networks and facilities of the Managing Company, which are located at the distance of over one kilometre.


Fiber-optic connection to the server is provided by Tsifra Odin, Logistic Telecom and Mosline.




Heating and ventilation systems

Heating of a warehouse provides by air-heating devices. Heating of the administrative and amenity buildings (AAB) is provided by the hot-water heating. Ventilation in the warehouse is mechanical, which may be upgraded to the inflow-exhaust type. Ventilation in the AAB is of inflow-exhaust type.

Cold water supply

REHAU RAUTITAN pipeline systems.

Hot water supply

Prepared in the separate heating unit.

Fire piping

Fire cocks in the warehouse and the AAB. Sprinkler system in the warehouse.

Electric power equipment

To the working areas, equipping the engineering systems and transhipping machines 380/220V

It is possible to locate the units and electrical equipment for accumulator batteries charging. It is possible to include additional manufacturing equipment.

Electric lighting

Internal lighting in the warehouse is 200 lux with a separate switching-on of each inter-rack alley. Electric lighting in the office premises is 300 lux. Emergency electric lighting. Lighting of the territory is installed on the roof railing along the perimeter of the whole building.

Low current systems

Automatic fire alarm system and alerting system, as well as system of the fire evacuation management. Smoke extraction system. Structured cabling system. It is possible to install the control and access management systems.

Smoke extraction

Smoke extraction is performed through automatically opening skylights located on the roof over the inter-rack alleys.

Lightning protection

It is carried out by the aluminium mesh laid on the roof.

All docks are equipped with the parking assist system in combination with parking indicators, signal lights and guide rails.

All gates, external and internal doors are made by German company «Hörmann«.

Turning circles and heavy duty vehicles storage area.

Parking spaces within the territory for employees’ light motor vehicles.

Storage areas for street cleaning vehicles.

Waste storage areas.

Dedicated areas for smoking.

Circular vehicle traffic arrangement with a separate access and entrance to the territory. Control is provided from the security check point.

Fence around the whole perimeter of the territory.

The flows of warehouse employees and office employees are divided by providing different staircases.


20 km from the Moscow Ring Road via Kievskoe Highway or Borovskoe Highway.

Class A warehouse facility.

Attractive exterior of the building. Finishing of offices with high quality and practical materials.


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